Client Story: Ministry of National Education – MEB Asistan

MEB Asistan: New AI-based Virtual Assistant of the Ministry of Education MEB Asistan, the second AI-based virtual assistant that is launched in partnership with the Ministry of National Education responds all the questions by artificial intelligence MEB Asistan is a digital assistant that answers everyone who wants
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EBA Assistant

Client Story: Ministry of Education – EBA Assistant

EBA Assistant: Turkey’s first massively used AI-based virtual assistant  Launched in collaboration with the Turkish Republic Ministry of Education, EBA Assistant, is the first massively used AI-based virtual assistant in Turkey that answered the highest number of  questions ever EBA Assistant is a digital a
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Client Story: İşbank – Maxi

The First AI-Based Banking Virtual Assistant in Turkey! Turkey’s largest private bank has chosen CBOT to pioneer in the conversational banking business İşbank partnered with CBOT in 2017 to create an AI-based text-enabled chatbot, “Ask İşbank”, to provide instant answers to everyday customer queries. Then
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Garanti BBVA

Client Story: Garanti BBVA – UGI

Voice-based virtual assistant, UGI, is smarter with CBOT’s technology Garanti BBVA partnered with CBOT to empower its virtual assistant, UGI, with CBOT’s NLP technology and industry expertise Garanti BBVA’s partnership with CBOT made UGI more intelligent and understand the natural human phrases via voice and
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ING Bank

Client Story: ING – INGo

CBOT And a Top Global Financial Brand, ING, Combined Their Forces For a Better Customer Experience INGo has been selected as the best AI-based chatbot among the ING Group institutions! ING has collaborated with CBOT, to create INGo, an AI-based chatbot, that provides relevant and instant answers to the banking ques
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Client Story: QNB Finansbank – Q

Q: A success story by CBOT and QNB Finansbank Q, the virtual assistant of QNB Finansbank, that is built on CBOT Platform and CBOT’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, answers the customer queries and performs basic transactions with a very high accuracy ratio. It calculates the loan interest if the
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Client Story: Fibabanka – Fi’bot

CBOT Proudly Announces “Fi’bot”, The AI-Based Chatbot of Fibabanka An AI-Based Banking Chatbot From the Young Bank: Fi’bot Fi’bot, developed by CBOT based on its NLP and machine learning technologies, helps customers with a comprehensive coverage, including almost every subfield of retail banking such
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Client Story: Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik – AHE Assistant

AHE Assistant: Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik’s AI-Based Chatbot Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik and CBOT proved how chatbots simplify private pensions and life insurance. AHE Asistan, developed by CBOT based on its NLP and machine learning technologies, instantly answers customer queries about private pensions and life ins
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Amazon Skincare Bot

Helps find the best thing that happened your face for a long time for Amazon UK: Humanizing the e-commerce experience Finding the appropriate product is a tough task, as far as skincare is concerned. The huge proliferation of brands and products is confusing the consumers about which one is the most app
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Client Story: n11 – n11 Destek (Support)

n11 Destek Welcomes the Customer as a Pre-Live Chat Experience on the Platform A leading marketplace, n11 launched its support assistant “n11 Destek” that handles 70% of the queries n11 Destek is positioned as facing and welcoming the customers who want to get support service before the live agent team. Through
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Client Story: Ford – FObot

Ford – FObot: The first AI-based HR chatbot in Turkey that helps such a large audience CBOT and one of the most established industry institutions of the country, Ford, launched the first 100% AI-based HR chatbot that addresses such a large user base in Turkey FObot, developed by the collaboration of Ford&
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Client Story: Pegasus Support

Pegasus Support: Turkey’s First AI-based Airline Chatbot Pegasus & CBOT launched Turkey’s first AI-based airline chatbot in collaboration Pegasus Support provides instant answers to customer queries through WhatsApp! Pegasus Support, co-created by Pegasus and CBOT, responds customer queries about ti
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A Social Responsibility Story: Koronabot & Botcorona

Turkey’s AI-based Coronavirus Assistant  CBOT supports the struggle against Coronavirus by “Koronabot” & “Botcorona” that help people in both Turkish and English CBOT, with a social responsibility perspective, launched “Koronabot” to fight with wrong information. The responses that Coronaviru
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