CBOT, based in İstanbul, is a leading AI company that offers an end-to-end customer service automation platform based on its own proprietary technologies.

CBOT Platform is a full AI-based “end-to-end” solution that enables companies to quickly and cost-effectively develop and scale the use of intelligent chatbots and voice assistants. CBOT Platform is used by more than 50 well-known enterprises operating in mainly financial services, e-commerce, telecoms, customer services sectors besides public institutions.

CBOT helps brands to transform their customer service and sales channels by;

  • Automating up to 70% of customer queries.
  • Increasing sales up to 300%.

CBOT is one of the few vendors in Europe and Middle East offering a credible alternative to the large platform vendors from the USA and China. CBOT Platform empowers the customer journey by conversational intelligence, Natural Language Understanding and humanlike voicebots and chatbots. CBOT is trusted by large banks, public institutions, marketplaces, insurance companies, telecom companies as it provides full data protection, privacy and alternatively offers on premise deployment.

In 2020, CBOT was featured by Gartner among the 16 leading chatbot and virtual assistant companies globally.

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