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    • Maximize Agent Efficiency

      Shift at least 50% of calls to messaging conversations, maximize contact center efficiency

    • Increase Conversions

      Drive your sales on the world’s most popular messaging app and increase conversions up to 3x

    • Initiate WhatsApp conversations

      Use WhatsApp to send promotions, offers, and campaigns at a scale where open rates are 95%

    • Pre-Built E-Commerce Chatbot

      Enable an e-commerce chatbot on your WhatsApp to answer FAQs automatically and make it easy for consumers to communicate with you

    • 24/7 Customer Care

      Generate leads, increase revenue, and build loyalty 24/7  with AI-powered chatbots that work together with your human agents

    • Unlimited Monthly Active Users

      Set up a WhatsApp Business account with your branding to reach an unlimited number of customers

Why Businesses Depend On WhatsApp?

1.5 B
People send businesses messages around the world each day
of WhatsApp users agreed that WhatsApp fostered a personal connection to businesses
of WhatsApp users agreed that WhatsApp is the easiest way to connect with a business



Get WhatsApp Business API Now

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Boost your growth with official WhatsApp Business APIs

  • Empower your salesforce to convert leads into sales
  • Your message always reaches your customers, initiate high-converting WhatsApp conversations
  • WhatsApp as a Personal Shopping Assistant
  • Stronger customer loyalty to drive repeat purchases
  • Self-service for your customers
  • Reduce support costs while increasing CSAT
  • Use WhatsApp as your Modern Call Center

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A customer support chatbot 🤖  on your WhatsApp Business account could help you enhance this experience. With CBOT’s WhatsApp Messaging Tool, you can initiate smart, high-converting WhatsApp conversations.

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