Conversational AI, Digital UX, and Pre-Packaged Skills 

all blend together remarkably

CBOT Platform contains all necessary tools required to build and maintain sophisticated virtual assistants. It is a no-code, secure and scalable end-to-end solution that provides “Speed” and “Humanized Conversations”.

Design, Test, Integrate, and Launch AI-powered VA’s easily.



CBOT CORE provides a complete set of features with enterprise-grade security and compliance for building sophisticated AI-powered virtual assistants. Virtual assistants built on CORE easily can be enabled on all channels in multiple languages with a few clicks and also integrated with enterprise systems within an on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure.


CBOT FUSION is a seamless chatbot integration framework greatly reducing the chatbot development time and cost by providing all necessary tools to prepare intent responses with backend configuration and design dynamic conversations without any coding. Virtual assistants built on FUSION easily can be integrated with on-premise systems, IVRs, RPAs, enterprise apps such as SAP, Zendesk, and more.


CBOT ANALYTICS provides all key metrics in a centralized dashboard empowering you to measure, analyze and drive your chatbot forward. Increase bot interaction, retention and monetization rates by real-time bot analytics.


CBOT LIVE CHAT delivers the best customer experience by enabling human and AI work together. In addition to auto-resolution of 65% of the service desk requests without involving an agent, both humans and bots can contribute to conversations through the seamless handoff from one type of agent to the other.