AI Consultancy

The velocity of data generation is increasing exponentially. Although the data has huge potential, it can not provide value for your business unless it is transformed into knowledge. We provide consultancy and help you analyze and transform your data into actions that is beneficial for your business.


The amount and variety of the data creates challenging and unique situations. Although we develop products for common issues, we are eager to take your unique challenges and create tailor-made solutions. We have a dedicated and capable team of experts to help you transform these challenges into opportunities.

AI Training

Correct training of the AI is crucial to make best use of AI technology. As the volume and coverage of training data increases, intent recognition gets more challenging for the AI engine. Our experienced team can help you avoid pitfalls and reach high coverage and success rates.

Quality Check

Quality Check service ensures that your experience with AI reaches more than satisfactory levels and keeps increasing over time. Unlike ordinary development projects, a success rate of AI projects requires constant monitoring of the output of the solution. We have a team of domain experts and tools that provide reports to you periodically and update AI training if need be.

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