AI-Powered Next-Gen Conversational IVR

Conversational service automation is the future of customer service. CBOT Speech helps you reduce customer wait times, improve call routing, and divert calls to cost-effective digital channels.

Design, Test, Integrate, and Launch AI-powered IVR easily.




CBOT Speech empowers your highest volume channel and improves UX


By 2025, 30% of major enterprises will have selected a single, enterprisewide, conversational platform that is leveraged as a front end by business applications, both for customer service and to improve employee effectiveness.” – Gartner



    • Reduces Average Handle Time

      Long wait times lead many to hang up. CBOT Speech contextually analyzes the intent behind the question that reduces Average Handle Time (AHT) by 30-70% by eliminating misroutes.

    • Answers within your IVR

      Most of the common call types do not need agent assistance. CBOT Speech addresses repetitive questions and answers them via virtual assistant in the IVR to help customers get the information instantly when your customer calls in.

    • Scale customer service up or down

      Every second matters in managing call volumes. CBOT Speech allows a significant percentage of calls to be handled by VA’s and other channels dynamically. No need for ballooning costs, training new agents, offshoring anymore to deal with unexpected call fluctuations.

    • Hand-Off to Human Agents

      Some callers can’t self-service by using CBOT Speech’s voice-based virtual agents. You can send them an SMS including a link to chat with a text-based virtual agent or offer an option of engaging with a live human.

    • Deployment scenarios vary

      CBOT Speech has the flexibility to be deployed into your contact center as SAAS, On-Premise, or a Managed Service with its sophisticated AI technology. For any kind of contact center solution, you can easily plug it in.

    • Get started right away

      Using CBOT Speech pluggable framework connected to any kind of back end services like third party systems, ERP and CRM databases, etc. you can actually build an end-to-end transactional conversational AI on the phone.