Adopting AI-based chatbots is a good way to take the stress out of air travel,
delight your customer and make a difference

68% of airlines and 42% of airports plan to adopt AI-driven chatbot services – SITA

CBOT’s Airline Chatbot

CBOT’s Airline Chatbot provides differentiated and enhanced customer experiences across common touch points in airlines.

CBOT’s chatbots make the journey memorable
for your customers while keeping your cost at an optimum level


    • Already Trained for Airlines Support

      Travel updates, reservations, special services, loyalty programs… the travellers have a lot to ask to an airline company. CBOT Platform is already trained with the airline domain knowledge and therefore minimizes the time-to-market in this sector.

    • Travel Updates

      CBOT’s Airline Chatbot allows passengers to change their plans and book a new flight automatically in a conversational experience without waiting in the queue for an agent. If needed, chatbots can help them to find the most convenient flight and make life easier.

    • 24/7 Reservation Support

      A traveller does not have to waste time by searching for flights and filling out multiple forms. It is as easy as chatting with a friend thanks to CBOT Platform. Your customers can manage flight reservations fast, easy, and conversational in any preferred channel.

    • Loyalty Programs

      CBOT’s Airline Chatbot helps your customers manage their loyalty accounts by providing FAQ responses and reminding them to use their balance or rewards. This enables you to provide a comprehensive service in the conversational journey, increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.



Chatbots leverage your overall customer experience with better customer service and improved communications

of airlines and 42% of airports plan to adopt AI-driven chatbot services – SITA
reduction in operational costs with customer service automation
of enterprise companies will spend more money each year on chatbots than mobile apps by 2021 – Gartner

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