The future of banking is “conversational”.

Are you ready to make conversational banking
part of your digital experience?

90% of interactions in banking will be automated by 2022 using chatbots – Juniper

CBOT’s Banking Chatbot

CBOT offers a comprehensive banking chatbot that covers the needs of your customers best with the highest coverage and accuracy ratio.

Streamline banking operations and drive digital transformation
with the power of CBOT’s Banking Chatbot


    • Already Trained with All Banking Intents

      CBOT’s Banking Chatbot is already trained with a body of knowledge in the finance domain. This makes the banks shorten the time to market and launch their AI-based chatbot with a large coverage in informational, transactional and advisory fields.

    • Multichannel Conversational Experience

      After web and mobile banking, conversational banking is the third huge trend in the industry. With CBOT’s Banking Chatbot, banks can offer a natural and seamless conversational experience via the preferred channel of the customer – websites, mobile apps, voice / chat platforms.

    • FAQ and Transactions

      Our ready to deploy banking chatbot, already well-trained to answer the FAQ, enables your customers to make all transactions by accessing and processing multiple sources of customer data.

    • Contextual Banking and Advisory

      CBOT’s Banking Chatbot drives personalized experiecences in a contextual way with offers and updates at the right place and time, to delight your customer and increase upselling/cross-selling.



How banking chatbots are transforming digital banking and
delivering the seamless customer experience of the future

of interactions in banks will be automated by 2022 using chatbots – Juniper
of customer service interactions will start with self-service by 2022, up from 48% in 2019 – Gartner
of customer interactions will be performed by virtual financial assistants that will act on behalf of their users by 2024 – Gartner

Check out how CBOT created great value for the leading banks

İş Bankası
QNB Finansbank
ING Bank
Garanti Bankası

CBOT attended 2019 Mobile World Congress
as one of the top 20 partners of Google RCS in the World


  • CBOT’s Banking chatbot can answer all the customer queries from currency rates to product & service fees, from branch locations to interest rates. It can also calculate the currency conversions your customers might need or the monthly payment amounts of a mortgage.
  • CBOT’S Banking Chatbot is a digital banking assistant. It can inform you about your account balance, your transactions, your payments. It is not an issue when your customers change mind in the middle of a conversation or want to learn about something else. It can remember the previous topic and follow up the dialogue intelligently.
  • CBOT’s Banking Chatbot helps you to direct your customers to the most appropriate product & service instantly. It can talk to your CRM system and make intelligent offerings to your customers.

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