Conversational AI is streamlining the data-intensive insurance industry

Hire your intelligent virtual insurance assistant now
to better address the increasing customer expectations

51% of insurance companies are investing in AI – Gartner

CBOT’s Insurance & Private Pensions Chatbot

CBOT helps you to manage the expectations of next-gen customer by providing instant information and transactions in the most efficient way.

CBOT helps insurance companies scale up and better serve their customers


    • Already Trained for Insurance & Private Pensions

      From mutual funds and savings, to agencies and elementary products, there is a huge volume of customer interaction in insurance and private pensions business. CBOT’s already trained Insurance & Private Pensions Chatbot with this domain knowledge minimizes the time-to-market.

    • Multi Platform Usage

      CBOT ensures that the insurance and private pensions customers can reach your services without switching between platforms. You can implement a conversational experience wherever you want to serve, whether it is a voice assistant, a chat platform, or a mobile app.

    • 24/7 Customer Service Support

      In the insurance business, customers expect instant help in cases like an accident, or a health issue. CBOT addresses all kinds of customer requests instantly such as registering claims, locating a hospital, checking the status of a policy or the amount of a private pension account and more.

    • Claims Handling and Underwriting

      CBOT’s Insurance & Private Banking Chatbot can automate claim processes by collecting basic information and helping the customers with their FAQs. By just this topic, a considerable number of customer requests are handled. In addition, we can automate and speed up the onboarding process and increase the rate of closed deals.



AI-based chatbots drive digitalization in insurance industry for
a better service and more efficient operations

more spending on AI systems in 2023 ($97.9 billion), compared to 2019 ($37.5 billion) – IDC
of insurance companies are investing in AI – Gartner
of internet users say the best chatbot feature is 24-hour service” – Drift

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for Anadolu Hayat ve Emeklilik, a leading insurance & private pensions company

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