CBOT GPT brings the transformative potential of

Generative AI to you,

and delivers exceptional conversational experiences by leveraging and aligning its capabilities to meet your enterprise level needs.


We offer an enterprise-ready large language model (LLM)

by combining its cutting-edge technology and flexibility with control and reliability!


    • Speed Up AI Training

      Our Generative AI capabilities automate the production of high-quality NLU resources based on a brief description while ensuring consistency in language and style.

    • More Accurate Sentiment Analysis

      Our LLM technology surpasses the limitations of conventional word-based sentiment analysis by detecting intricate emotions.

    • Generate More Human-Like Responses

      With our LLM features, you can provide personalized responses that are tailored to your customers’ context and preferences.

    • Cutting-edge Agent Assistance

      Leverage LLMs to suggest the best response for your agents based on context and customers’ needs.

    • Enterprise-Ready Generative AI

      Deploy your LLM on-premises, and have more control over your data and responses to align with regulations.

    • Reduce Costs

      Handle a larger portion of customer interactions, reducing the need for human intervention and lowering your operational costs.

Why businesses should implement Generative AI?

It provides 5 times faster bot building 
An avarage of 53% people could not tell that ChatGPT content was generated by AI
ChatGPT receives 10 mio daily queries




We prepared the model ready for on-premise deployment, making it a secure and cost-effective solution for enterprise customers.

Learn more about how CBOT GPT provides the best conversational experience by using the capabilities of Generative AI.

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