Empower your agents with AI to delight your customers


Using conversational AI to empower your agents enables them to perform better and increase efficiency

    • Seamless Handover

      CBOT’s chatbots and virtual assistants escalate customer interactions to a live agent seamlessly and contextually. The live agent can see the complete conversation history and provide the best service efficiently.

    • Two-way Handover Model

      CBOT Platform allows the human-to-bot transfer as well if it is more efficient for a task to be performed by the bot. A two-sided interaction between human & AI is an important feature of an advanced conversational AI system.

    • Whisper Coaching

      AI can be present in every live agent conversation, collect data from the sources much more quickly and suggest an accurate response much faster than a human. The agent can send the answer just by one click.

    • Monitor, Track, and Report

      The supervisors can track the conversation and can jump in when necessary. All the conversation history and the agent performances are reported.


Did you know?

of respondents do not think calling a customer service is the best way to get their issue resolved – Salesforce
of customer service leaders acknowledge that they do not fully empower their agents to provide the best customer experience
of customers report a representative not having the knowledge or ability to resolve an issue as a top source of frustration
– Microsoft