CBOT develops custom chatbot solutions for enterprise applications to create efficient and seamless employee experiences with the power of conversational AI. Enterprise applications are designed around the concept of letting employees address their needs faster, without the expense of productivity loss.


Empower your employees with artificial intelligence, ensure them to create more value for the business


    • HR Chatbot

      Your employees can interact with CBOT’s a virtual HR Colleague to gather info, answer questions and complete any time consuming HR tasks or receive some friendly reminders.

    • IT Help Desk Chatbot

      CBOT speeds up and simplifies IT help desk experience for your employees by resolving issues and answering questions in real-time by developing your own IT virtual staff.


Did you know?

of a typical knowledge worker’s day is spent looking for and consolidating information spread across a variety of systems, IDC
inefficient contracting causes firms to lose up to 40% of value on a given deal, HBR
of enterprise data today is unstructured, residing in notes,emails,files, PDF’s and documents, Forbes