Drive digitization in public services through the possibilities of conversational AI

AI-based chatbots help governments to make public services more accessible and transparent

25% increase in productivity by the usage of AI in public services is estimated – Accenture

CBOT Platform

CBOT Platform helps governments to provide the citizens an easy and instant way to reach public services, receive answers to their questions and perform basic actions to benefit from the facilities.

How CBOT’s chatbots move public services forward by conversational AI


    • Better “Citizen Experience”

      Today’s consumer expects a digitized, fast and seamless experience from any sector whether it is private or public. The conversational mode of interaction is penetrating everywhere rapidly as it provides natural, simple, and 24/7 interactions. CBOT’s chatbots are a good way of public service delivery that is aligned with the everyday habits of the citizens.

    • Multichannel Usage

      Thanks to CBOT’s wide options and capabilities in terms of channels, citizens can reach public services by using a chatbot through the websites, mobile apps, voice / chat platforms and social media accounts – wherever the public institution prefers to be present.

    • Helping about FAQs

      Considering that public services target the whole population, it is important to increase efficiency while enabling each and every citizen to reach any information instantly. Therefore CBOT’s chatbots create a great value by answering FAQs in thousands of topics regarding any domain such as education, health, transportation, tourism, foreign trade.

    • Completing Transactions

      Some transactions are basic and simple but huge in numbers as far as the public services are concerned. Citizens can complete simple transactions, fill forms, set appointments, apply for some services through CBOT’s AI-based chatbots instantly without searching in menus, waiting in IVR queues or physically visiting the offices.



Conversational AI is the next big thing in government services

increase in productivity by the usage of AI in public services is estimated – Accenture
of senior public sector leadership are both able and willing to adopt intelligent technologies as AI – Accenture
of public service leaders believe that implementing intelligent technologies would improve the job satisfaction of current employees – Accenture

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