Discover CBOT LLM crafted for enterprises, providing you with full ownership of your Generative AI capability across your organisation with unparalleled security.

 Train your private data in a private environment, whether on the cloud or on premises

This method combines smaller models into a larger, high-performance model. When used with CBOT LLM, it offers unique capabilities of high parameter models, with the flexibility of smaller ones.


    • CBOT LLM Model

      Our LLM model is continuously fine-tuned on private data, leveraging the latest and most advanced open-source technologies, and in cooperation with the best academics.

    • No service lock-in

      Highly accurate Enterprise Grade LLM, trained on your confidential data, offering complete control and no service lock-in.

    • ​​Full control over your model

      CBOT LLM provides high performance and complete control over your model, security, and data.

    • Ensuring privacy and security

      Organisation-wide platform for data ingestion, model training, retraining, and serving, coupled with robust access control and security measures.

    • Address all scenarios of your enterprise

      Handle every use case across your enterprise by combining an unlimited number of models.

    • Continue to fine-tune

      Securely train using premier data and continually refine models.

Why businesses should implement CBOT LLM?

It provides 5 times faster bot building  
CBOT LLM achieves an accuracy of 98%
CBOT receives 1 Billion queries per year



The Generative AI interface provided by CBOT allows customers to load, train, and execute all their models in a unified instance, ensuring that CBOT LLM models operate swiftly and efficiently while streamlining the management of numerous smaller models.

Learn more about how CBOT LLM provides the best conversational experience by using the capabilities of Generative AI.


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