Client Story: Garanti BBVA – UGI

Voice-based virtual assistant, UGI, is smarter with CBOT’s technology

Garanti BBVA partnered with CBOT to empower its virtual assistant, UGI, with CBOT’s NLP technology and industry expertise

Garanti BBVA’s partnership with CBOT made UGI more intelligent and understand the natural human phrases via voice and provide the relevant answer. Now, UGI provides an experience that is very close to human-to-human interaction. UGI enables the customers to realize banking transactions through voice commands without any texting, in mobile application of the bank, Garanti BBVA Mobil.

To learn more about UGI, please download the client story.

The story will include:

  • • Why conversational banking?
  • • Why CBOT?
  • • What are the capabilities of the virtual assistant? Through which channels does it help customers?

Fibabanka Client Story