Put your customer at the center of everything
while designing conversational experiences


CBOT’s customer service chatbots and virtual assistants, based on CBOT Platform, designed around the concept of human + AI collaboration, transform every field of customer experience including informational, transactional, and advisory support.

    • Domain Trained

      Understanding the domain-related customer service concepts and helping customers with various domain-specific scenarios

    • Customizable

      It is very easy to build new chatbots for new use cases and needs of the customers. It allows companies to expand the scope gradually to cover every point along the customer journey in a conversational experience.

    • CRM Integration

      Our chatbots and virtual assistants can integrate easily with your existing CRM systems

    • Scalable and Secure

      CBOT proved its scalability by helping millions of users. Our chatbots protect all data using high-security standards

    • Humanized Customer Experiences

      We understand complex questions and requests; personalize responses based on context and customer data, and follow a conversation properly – no matter if the user changes mind in the middle of a conversation

    • Human + AI Collaboration

      CBOT offers a human + AI model where an AI-based chatbot helps the customer and hands over the conversation to a live agent when necessary in a seamless way

Did you know?

of customer interactions will be managed without human by 2020 – Gartner
of customers hung up on a customer service call because they did not want to wait for an agent to have a conversation that may or may not help them – IBM
of respondents do not  think calling a customer service is the best way to get their issue resolved – Salesforce

How can CBOT create value for customers and companies through conversational AI-powered digital customer self-service?

  • 80% of the customer queries are about 5 basic topics. Therefore automation of frequently asked questions can make a difference. CBOT Platform is based on an advanced NLP technology and provides high performance in terms of understanding customer’s natural expressions and responding accurately.
  • Customer queries are not limited to frequently asked questions, besides, customers want to perform basic tasks and transactions instantly. CBOT’s chatbots can understand the customer query and perform the transaction within the conversational experience by integrating the related internal systems.
  • In addition, CBOT can create value in terms of marketing and sales by lead generation and product/service advisory. All these aspects are provided in a conversational experience where humans and AI collaborate as a service model.

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