QNB Finansbank

QNB Finansbank chose Cbot to build its AI-based banking virtual assistant

QNB Finansbank, owned by Qatar National Bank, has been operating in Turkey as Finansbank for more than 3 decades and gained a reputation as being an innovative bank in the Turkish banking industry. The Bank initiated the first digital-only bank of Turkey, Enpara.com, which is still unique in the market.

The mission of the bank is to establish sustainable partnerships with the customers that is based on understanding their needs, providing the right solutions and ensuring their satisfaction. That vision directed the bank to provide AI-powered conversational interfaces to its customers by which they can receive banking service in the most direct and natural manner and initiate a partnership with Cbot to build its virtual assistant that will help the customers with their questions and daily banking transactions.  

CBOT and a top global financial brand, ING Bank, combined their forces