Conversational commerce is the next-gen mode of retail
Get ready for it with a powerful conversational AI partner

47% of organizations will use chatbots for customer care and 40% will deploy virtual assistants. – Gartner

CBOT’s E-Commerce Chatbot

CBOT helps you to drastically change the quality of your service, speed up the customer’s purchase, offer new products & campaigns and provide excellent customer support on your e-commerce chatbot.

CBOT enables you to offer the best digital shopping experience
while managing your costs in the most effective way


    • Already Trained for E-commerce Support

      From the shipment information to invoice request, from the order cancellation to info update, the user has a lot to ask regarding online shopping. CBOT’s pre-built E-commerce Chatbot is already trained with the e-commerce domain knowledge and therefore minimizes the time-to-market in this sector.

    • Multi Platform Usage

      CBOT’s E-commerce Chatbot ensures that the customers can reach your services without switching between platforms. You can implement a conversational commerce experience wherever you want to serve including webpage, mobile app, chat / voice platforms and social media accounts.

    • Comprehensive Conversational Experience

      Shopping is a journey with different steps and CBOT E-commerce Chatbot is capable of enhancing all of them, from product search, to order tracking, from payment to order processing and after sales support. All of these steps are provided in a conversational experience as seamless as possible.

    • Personalized Experience

      Using data analytics, CBOT’s E-Commerce Chatbot provides a personalized shopping experience and helps your brand to promote the products and campaigns in real-time in a more trendy, natural and conversational way instead of traditional methods like emails and sms.



How e-commerce chatbots redefine digital shopping and improve customer experience

of customers want offers and deals from chatbots – Chatbot Report – Ubisend
of customer service interactions will start with self-service by 2022, up from 48% in 2019 – Gartner
of companies already use machine learning to improve their sales and marketing performance – Accenture

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