CBOT, Meta Business Partner, enables you engage your customers instantly via Instagram.


Connect your Instagram to Live Chat or Virtual Assistant now!

CBOT Instagram


    • Maximize Agent Efficiency

      Shift at least 50% of calls to messaging conversations, maximize contact center efficiency

    • Increase Conversions

      Close more sales on Instagram and convert your subscribers into loyal customers

    • Re-engage customers

      Respond automatically with your virtual assistant with the right message for DM

    • Pre-Built E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

      Enable an e-commerce virtual assistant  on your Instagram to answer FAQs automatically

    • 24/7 Customer Care

      Generate leads and build loyalty 24/7  with your virtual assistants and human agents

    • Answer messages in multiple languages

      Build a virtual assistant that speaks the same language as your customers

Why Businesses Depend On Instagram?

of Instagram users follow a business 
people say that Instagram helps them to connect with brands
of users say that they’ve acted in the moment after seeing a product or service on Instagram



Customers expect 1:1 connection on Instagram

Empower your Instagram as an effective sales and support channel

Now you can start connecting your customers with your Instagram through CBOT.

A customer support chatbot / virtual assistant 🤖  on your Instagram Direct Messaging could help you enhance this experience.