Improve the quality of life for all citizens through conversational AI

Automation of 80% of frequently asked questions; 30% reduction in emails and phone calls

CBOT Platform

CBOT Platform is an end-to-end platform that includes all the features municipalities need in terms of powerful and transformative citizen chatbots.

How does CBOT’s Municipality Chatbot enable municipalities
to create a digital public servant that makes life easier for citizens?


    • 24/7 Municipality Services

      Fast, digitized, and seamless experiences for municipality services is available 24/7, outside of the working hours. Municipalities do not limit themselves to serve with the office hours and physical places.

    • Multichannel Availability

      CBOT’s Municipality Chatbot is easily integrated into the websites, mobile apps, voice / chat platforms and social media accounts such as WhatsApp and Instagram Direct. – wherever the municipality prefers to be present.

    • Already Trained Topics

      CBOT offers a large range of topics related to municipality services, already prepared and trained. It is very easy to customize them for the specific municipality and go to market quickly, with the minimum effort and cost.

    • Covers the Transactions

      When municipalities automaize simple and repetitive transactions, and personalized information, it creates a huge efficiency. On CBOT’s Municipality Chatbot, citizens can complete simple transactions such as garbage tax, transportation cards, request tracking, fill forms, set appointments, apply for some services and more.



How municipalities can benefit from chatbots

reduction in phone calls and emails
of senior public sector leadership are both able and willing to adopt intelligent technologies as AI
increase in productivity by the usage of AI in public services is estimated

CBOT’s Municipality Chatbot easily automates citizen interaction at scale.

To learn how CBOT automates citizen interaction for İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, please click the logo for the success story.