Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik

A leading private pension and life insurance company, Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, partnered with Cbot for its AI-based chatbot

CBOT is proud to announce its partnership with a top brand in the private pension & life insurance sector Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik

Recently, the financial sector has a tremendous focus on AI-based solutions. Not only banks but also insurance, private pension companies, fintechs and other financial institutions realized that the future of customer interaction in the financial industry is quite “conversational”.

A sector leader company, provides its customers an AI-based chatbot that answers their questions about private pensions and life insurance products instantly. Besides providing public information, the chatbot also answers personal queries such as “How much amount has accumulated in my private pension account? or “How can I withdraw my contact?” or “How can I leave the private pension system”.  The chatbot, developed by CBOT, is trained with a wide range of private pension & life insurance-specific intents and serves via the web site of the company.

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