Client Story: Ministry of National Education – MEB Asistan

MEB Asistan: New AI-based Virtual Assistant of the Ministry of Education

MEB Asistan, the second AI-based virtual assistant that is launched in partnership with the Ministry of National Education responds all the questions by artificial intelligence

MEB Asistan is a digital assistant that answers everyone who wants to ask questions to the Ministry of National Education. The Assistant was developed with the possibilities of CBOT natural language processing and machine learning technologies, so it understands natural statements like a human and provides an accurate response. MEB Asistan serves millions of students, their parents, teachers, employees of the Ministry and all the stakeholders of the education system. It is possible to reach MEB Asistan through the official web page of the Ministry –

To learn more about MEB Asistan, please download the client story.

The story will include:

  • • Why MEB Asistan?
  • • What is the technology behind it?
  • • Which questions have been asked mostly so far?
  • • How is the usage trend?

EBA Asistan Client Story