We are exporting our AI technology besides our successful projects for Turkish companies

As CBOT, we have contributed 250 Million TL to the economy within 2 years by exporting our AI technology and comprehensive projects that we have created for Turkish companies. Our priority is to create value for Turkey’s economy. 

As CBOT, we have started our journey with the vision of being the leader AI company in Turkey. Today, we are proud to realize this and to present our products, developed by Turkish engineers ,to institutions as valuable projects both abroad and in our country. We have always thought that the talents of our country are very competent. Together with our valuable team, we have significantly reduced our country’s external dependence for technology products. We eliminate the need to import AI technology for institutions in Turkey.

CBOT’s AI-based products have an important role in companies’ digital transformation journeys

We have included important brands such as Western Union, Manchester United, Signet Jewelers, Singapore Government, ASDA and Fiverr among our customers in global markets. In Turkey, we have supported not only banks, but almost every industry from telecommunications to retail, from health to education, from ecommerce to automobile with our AI technology and accelerated their digital transformation. Today, we play an important role in Turkish banks’ having a position globally as equipped with advanced technology and advanced digitalization.

We will have a considerable share in the chatbot market, which is expected to reach $ 102.29 Billion in 2025

According to Mordor Intelligence‘s Chatbot Market Research, the market volume, which was $17.17 Billion in 2019, is estimated to reach $102.29 Billion in 2025. When we consider the Information and Communication Technology Sector Market Data published by the Information Industry Association (TÜBİSAD),  we see that it has reached 152.7 Billion TL with a growth rate of 14%. The software area had 23.4 Billion TL share from this volume.  Software exports were 4.8 Billion TL according to the latest data. When we look at the list of Bilişim (IT) 500, we see that the share of AI in the software industry is around 1%. Considering the demand in the market, we can say that this number will increase rapidly. So as CBOT, we will continue to contribute our country’s economy by the projects that we will launch. We aim to reach an export volume of 2 Billion TL in 2025 and to introduce the successful outcomes of Turkish engineering to the global markets.

Our top 10 conversational AI projects in Turkey

As CBOT, we have perfected our product even more and reached global standards thanks to the experience we gained in the projects we have carried out with the brands we have collaborated with. We can now integrate our product to almost all companies. With this expertise and experience, we are able to offer companies, in a very short time, AI-based chatbots with advanced personalization features that meet their needs at the maximum level.

Please find a brief list of the top 10 projects that we have launched: 

EBA Asistan, an AI-based virtual assistant that answered the highest number of questions ever in Turkey

Launched in collaboration with the Turkish Republic Ministry of Education in the Covid-19 period, EBA Assistant, is the first massively used AI-based virtual assistant in Turkey that answered the highest number of questions ever. The Assistant, that set a record by answering 10 million questions within only 5 weeks, provides instant responses to the queries about Turkey’s remote education system – EBA.

Developed by our own AI technology, EBA Assistant can easily understand the natural language statements thanks to our advanced NLP infrastructure and offers the most accurate answers to the users. EBA Assistants supports 18 million students, their parents and more than 1 million teachers to benefit from EBA at the maximum level. It is possible to reach EBA Assistant through eba.gov.tr – the official website of EBA.

Garanti BBVA’s UGI is empowered by CBOT’s NLP technology and industry expertise

Our collaboration with Garanti BBVA makes UGI much more smarter and enables it to understand sentences containing natural expressions and respond with the accurate answer. Our advanced natural language processing infrastructure and deep expertise in banking are the factors that enable UGI to offer such an experience. UGI provides service through Garanti BBVA Mobile and the Bank’s corporate WhatsApp account.

Turkey’s first AI-based banking assistant Maxi, is developed by CBOT

With İşbank, we have launched Turkey’s first AI-based banking chatbot in 2017. Developed with our AI technology, the Assistant started to welcome the customers through the bank’s website and after a while, it is positioned to serve in every channel where the customer lives digitally. Now, Maxi instantly answers the banking questions of İşbank’s customers in a wide range of areas and provides service through the Bank’s website, as well as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant.

INGo, one of the pioneers of conversational banking in Turkey

The smart banking robot of global finance leader INGo, which answers customer questions and performs transactions through many channels, was developed based on CBOT’s NLP technology. INGo serves customers in a wide range of areas with a holistic approach. INGo can calculate your loan installments, tell the current deposit interest rates or make your currency calculations. Any user, whether an ING customer or not, can access INGo via the bank’s website, ING Internet Branch or ING Mobile. Besides INGo, CBOT’s NLP technology provides technological infrastructure for ING’s internal chatbots that helps employees.

Private pensions topic is simpler and more clearer for everybody with AHE Asistan

AHE Assistant, developed through CBOT’s NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning technologies, instantly answers customer inquiries about private pension and life insurance products by providing a dialogue-based experience when needed. Non-customers of Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik can also access a wide range of content on private pension and life insurance topics by chatting with AHE Assistant. AHE Assistant provides services on Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik’s website and mobile app “Mobile Branch”.

QNB Finansbank’s chatbot “Anında Destek (Instant Support)” is more powerful with CBOT’s AI 

With “Anında Destek (Instant Support)” chatbot that we developed for QNB Finansbank, users can perform transactions such as loan and  deposit calculations, foreign currency conversions, credit card debt payments. With Anında Destek (Instant Support), customers can reach the answer to a specific question they ask within seconds. QNB Finansbank offers its customers a direct, natural and seamless digital experience. Anında Destek (Instant Support) serves only the Banks’ customers as it is positioned in the authorized field in the mobile application of the bank, Mobile Branch.

Young bank Fibabanka offers its customers a conversational experience through many channels with Fi’bot developed by CBOT

Fi’bot, which we developed with our NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning technologies, provides customers with a wide range of services that cover almost every aspect of retail banking such as loan and deposit calculations, currency conversion transactions, fees and commissions, branch locations and campaign offers. We ensure that Fi’bot keeps this wide range of information up-to-date by our web crawling feature, we do this without creating an additional maintenance burden for bank teams. Fibabanka stands by its customers everywhere with direct, natural and seamless interactions that Fi’bot offers via its website, Facebook Messenger and Google Assistant.

n11 Destek (Support)” chatbot developed by CBOT can answer up to 70% of the customer questions

The AI-based chatbot “n11 Destek (Support)” that we have developed for n11, one of Turkey’s leading market places, has been heavily used during the pandemic period. With the system we set, customers first get in touch with the chatbot, and get answers to their questions about orders, payment information, cargo inquiries within seconds. When they ask for guidance on any subject, they are guided about the processes. When they want to be directed to a live support representative, the chatbot can understand this request and quickly hands over the conversation to a live agent. n11 Destek (Support) helps the users through the search field and a widget on n11.com.

Tukey’s first AI-powered airline chatbot: Pegasus Destek (Support)

The smart chatbot “Pegasus Destek (Support)”, which we have launched with Pegasus, instantly responds to users’ questions about ticket inquiry, ticket change, ticket cancellation, converting the tickets to open date ones, flight search, learning points in the Bolbol Points Program, adding missing flights to the program through WhatsApp. To chat with Pegasus Destek (Support), it is enough to click on the “Contact Us” section on the Pegasus web page. WhatsApp icon here directs the users to the field where they can interact with the bot. Pegasus Destek (Support) is one of the unique models globally and the first AI-based airline chatbot in Turkey.

Turkey’s first AI-based HR chatbot that is used by a large audience: FObot

The AI-based human resources chatbot “FObot” that we developed for Ford Otosan instantly answers the questions of more than 11,000 white and blue-collar employees about human resources implementations. The chatbot that is created with the vision of providing a leveraged digital experience for employees, is a system by which the employees receive responses to their every day queries such as “How many days off do I have for this year, Which meeting rooms are available for 2 hours in Block B on Tuesday afternoon, By which service bus can I go to Bostancı” as if they are chatting with a colleague. Employees of Ford can access FObot via the corporate intranet and SAP in Turkey.