Cbot and a top global financial brand, ING Bank, combined their forces for a better customer experience

INGo is ready to help ING Bank customers wherever and whenever they need

ING Bank, a member of the Netherlands-based ING Group, which is one of the world’s key financial institutions, is Turkey’s 8th biggest private sector bank. The Bank serves its customers with more than 5,000 employees and 250 branches.

The vision of the bank is to be one of the leading financial institutions in digital banking by generating innovative solutions. The key pillar of this vision is providing customers with the right information at any time and from any place to ensure that they take the best decisions.

Within the framework of this vision, ING Bank collaborated with Cbot, to create a platform to its customers that they can receive relevant and instant answers to their banking questions.

By INGo, the AI-based “faq” chatbot of ING Bank, calculating your mortgage instalments or learning the deposit rates, or even asking the $/TL on a specific date is as easy as chatting with a friend on Facebook Messenger.

  • A real AI-based experience. A leveraged experience is provided to customers. They do not have to choose their request form a menu, or write the very specific word but are free to use natural text. INGo is capable of understanding the natural text messages thanks to its advanced NLP technology.
  • A very fluent native speaker of Turkish. INGo is an expert in Turkish with its high accuracy rate to understand and provide relevant answers.
  • Large coverage. ING Bank customers can learn about almost every question that they need urgent answers. INGo helps them to reach instant information when they lost their card, need money abroad or want to learn about a specific kind of insurance.

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