İş Bankası

Cbot announces that Turkey’s largest private bank chose Cbot to pioneer in the conversational banking business

Isbank, the largest private bank of Turkey with more than 14 millions of customers and 25,000 employees, has a pioneering role in the Turkish banking industry with the legacy of being the introducer of ATM, web banking and mobile banking.

Isbank is also one of the most innovative banks of Europe with its state-of-the-art products & services. The banks’ vision is the provide its customers the most relevant and instant solutions ensuring the ideal level of experience via all channels. This vision directs the efforts of the bank to lead conversational banking by providing an AI-powered platform. The conversational banking business that requires advanced capabilities in AI, specifically natural language processing and machine learning, constitutes to be a prominent part of the digitization agenda of the Bank.

With this vision in mind, Isbank partnered with Cbot to create an AI-based text-enabled chatbot to provide instant answers to everyday customer queries.

The result of our partnership is “Ask Isbank” — the AI-based “faq” chatbot of Isbank, helping customers through the Bank’s website and Facebook Messenger.

  • Advanced AI capabilities. “Ask Isbank” uses AI, specifically natural language processing and machine learning, to anticipate the whole range of natural language text messages and provides a natural interface to web visitors.
  • Fluent in Turkish. It has reached a significantly high accuracy rate in Turkish and goes through a continuous process of training in terms of leveraging NLP.
  • Large coverage. Ask Isbank uses web crawling capabilities that ensures customers to reach a considerably large coverage, including almost every subfield of retail banking — calculations, currency conversions, fees & commissions, branch locations and campaign offer.

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