A holistic customer service automation platform

Customer Service Automation Brings 5 Fold Cost Reduction

As Turkey’s leading conversational AI company, we have announced our achievements in 2020 through a press gathering. 

In 2020, under the influence of the pandemic, we cooperated with many companies, both at national and international levels. We have been featured among the top 16 leading companies in the “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Investment Services” research published by Gartner in July 2020. Conversations over our virtual assistants increased 15 times in 2020 and reached 400 million. We have added voice-based AI to our technological competencies, and CBOT PLATFORM has become a product that provides customer service automation. We started to offer end-to-end and holistic customer service automation with CBOT SPEECH. With our platform consisting of CBOT CORE, CBOT SPEECH, CBOT FUSION, CBOT ANALYTICS, and CBOT LIVE CHAT products, we will continue to add value to the lives of companies and end-users with successful projects in 2021. With the virtual assistant projects we have developed, we reduce the call handling cost of companies 5 fold. 

Chatbots, which have become increasingly important in recent years, have enabled companies to offer fast and personalized solutions to their customers, especially during the pandemic period. As Turkey’s leading conversational AI company, we have played a critical role in the digital transformation of many companies thanks to the chatbot projects we have implemented in 2020.  In 2020, we have developed chatbots that answer questions and carry out transactions for powerful brands operating in a wide range of fields from banking to the telecom sector, from games to automotive, from startups to mobile service/shopping applications.

400 million messages that cover 80 million end-users 

Shaping the digital transformation of many private companies and public institutions, we have improved the experiences of millions of people. In 2020, we have answered 400 million messages by a highly diversified group of users in terms of socio-economic segment, age, or sector. Now, covering our ongoing projects, we serve a broad audience of 80 million and we position CBOT as the “Artificial Intelligence Platform of Turkey” and move with confident steps in 2021.

Customer service automation with our voice-based AI technology, CBOT SPEECH 

We established a holistic customer service automation with CBOT SPEECH, which offers a voice-based AI technology. CBOT SPEECH can now automate voice calls by being integrated into the voice response systems (IVR) in call centers. The customer who dials the call center is welcomed by our AI technology, the call can be answered and terminated with an experience like talking to a live person. Thus, by positioning human + AI solutions in the customer service operations of institutions, we make the service more efficient and effective. The cost per call, which is between 4-20 TL with a system where only human is included, decreases to 1-4 TL when you position AI and human together. Here, there is a 5 fold cost reduction. 


  • CBOT CORE, the AI and dialogue management system,
  • CBOT SPEECH the voice technology,
  • CBOT FUSION, codeless integration, and dialogue creating tool,
  • CBOT ANALYTICS, which provides detailed reports and actionable insights of all dialogues, and
  • CBOT LIVE CHAT, which is a live chat interface empowered by our AI technology.

All of these modules enable CBOT PLATFORM to offer holistic customer service automation.

40% of our revenue is dedicated to R&D investment

Our Founder and CEO Mete Aktaş evaluated our 2020 scorecard at the press gathering meeting and stated: “As CBOT, we closed the year 2020 with significant growth. While engaging in more business partnerships, we continued to move our platform to a higher level with our AI technology, which we developed with the power of Turkish engineers. We are an R&D-focused company that dedicates 40% of its revenue to innovation and development. Developing CBOT PLATFORM constantly to preserve its state-of-the-art technology is our top priority. For this reason, we are delighted to introduce CBOT SPEECH, our voice-based AI this year. The pandemic deeply affected the way of doing business and especially customer expectations. The “digital customer” faced by companies in this period has made brand new projects mandatory. Conversational AI, chatbots, and voice bots enable us to offer better and faster customer service with the self-service option. We developed CBOT SPEECH, a voice AI infrastructure and positioned the CBOT PLATFORM as a customer service automation platform that provides end-to-end service. We are now able to offer companies holistic automation. In 2021, we will continue to lead the digital transformation of the institutions not only in Turkey but at the international level as well.”