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Cbot spoke at the panel organized by ING Innovation Center

Cbot attended the panel on the latest technologies on AI, organized by ING Innovation Center. Cbot’s CEO, Mete Aktaş, as one of the panelists of the event, first, explained how he decided to engage the conversational AI business. He told the journey of Cbot, focusing on how the company first established and how it dominated the banking sector in Turkey as the leader conversational AI company.

In addition, he talked about chatbot and virtual assistants and how they contribute to businesses and the business objectives such as revenue, customer loyalty and the new sales leads. He also shared his views about the rise of AI and the messaging as the two huge trends behind conversational AI. He said that we are going through the third phase of digitization, namely “conversational phase” subsequent to the web and mobile. So conversational AI has a potential to enhance the customer experience as it provides a more direct and  natural experience compared to web and mobile.

Another point he made was about the challenges they face when collaborating with the large enterprises and banks. He said that understanding each others priorities, agendas, focuses is the key to a successful collaboration. On the other hand, he advised the tech companies, vendor  to be patient and decisive during the sales process. 

He also explained the models of AI training and how most of the enterprises approach the issue, preferring to have the control of the chatbot, especially after the famous poor experience of Tay, the Twitter bot created by Microsoft who could not live longer than 24 hours. He explained how they train their chatbot and emphasized the importance of domain based knowledge and training for a successful chatbot.

The panel in the ING Innovation Center continued with the questions from the participants and the great interest of the audience was apparent.

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