Hello, I am CBOT

We have news for you! We started to refresh our look in general and launched our new logo.

Our first logo was created before the company was launched.  Change is inevitable and we have changed since then. We are not the same now as we gained more partners, experiences and friends in the meantime and learned a lot from each of them.

We are more powerful, feeling that everybody we touched so far has contributed to our journey. We wanted our logo to reflect this. And we now feel closer to be a “brand”. We aim to create such a brand that whenever people see us in the wild, they should recognize that it is us. 

We worked and discussed a lot to create a new and cohesive visual identity. The aurohole in the logo represents artificial intelligence which is not static but alive and empowering us – a helpful friend of human. The look & feel of it directs our minds to the “future” which is full of AI but not so far away:)

It is still CBOT, ready to help enterprises to provide better experiences to their customers and employees while being more efficient. But we feel more powerful and passionate about touching lives of more people.

Hope our new identity will reflect our passion better!