ChatGPT, CBOT GPT, Large Scale Projects, International Recognitions


ChatGPT made a significant impact in 2023, bringing revolutionary innovations in artificial intelligence and natural language processing throughout the year.

It is widely asserted that ChatGPT, which utilizes both conversational AI and generative AI; and more broadly, GPT technology, has an impact as wide-ranging as the invention of the internet and electricity. The transformative power of this technology is expected to reshape the concepts of information access and communication in both business and everyday life.

In 2023, we focused on GPT in our R&D efforts, which have been the backbone of our strategy since our foundation. We are proud to offer solutions based on conversational AI and generative AI to organizations aiming for growth with efficiency-focused objectives by adopting new technologies.

As we left 2023 behind where we empowered our vision of innovation, we welcome the new year with solid plans, great excitement and challenging goals. Let’s embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead with enthusiasm and determination.

We wanted to make this exciting start with a summary of what we have accomplished in 2023.


We have developed a new module, CBOT GPT, which provides an advanced GPT technology suitable for corporate applications

We introduced CBOT GPT, which can be integrated with any database, as a solution ready for corporate use. CBOT GPT  allows more flexibility and customization in responses, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of companies.


Continued investment in CBOT Platform, our end-to-end, codeless conversational AI product

Our new module, CBOT GPT, which can be used both integrated with OpenAI and other GPT technologies, as well as by creating a custom large language model specific to an organization, has expanded the scope of our solutions. It has enabled the CBOT Platform to encompass not only conversational AI but also generative AI technology.


Gartner, for the third time, featured CBOT among the leading enterprise conversational AI platforms globally


In 2020, CBOT was recognized as one of the 16 leading global chatbot and virtual assistant companies in Gartner’s report “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Investment Services”, published on July 2020. In October 2022, we were honored to be featured in the global market report  “Competitive Landscape: Conversational AI Platform Providers“  along with many leading companies established in different geographies, including world giants such as IBM, Microsoft and Amelia.

In 2023, CBOT was featured as one of the leading global enterprise conversational AI platforms in Gartner’s report, “Voice of the Customer for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms”, which is published based on the individual detailed customer reviews and provides a peer perspective.

We thank all our customers who provided positive feedback, contributing to our inclusion in this report as the only Turkish company.


National and international awards and recognitions

While our greatest reward remains in the satisfaction of our customers and jointly creating value for end-users, receiving recognition from national and international programs has been a significant source of encouragement for us.

In 2023, we experienced the pride of having our product’s holistic structure, technology, and the customer experience we offer once again recognized by prestigious institutions at both national and international levels.

  • Çiler Ay, our co-founder, was named among Turkey’s Top 100 Women Founders by Fast Company.
  • TiTi, Türk Telekom’s cutting-edge AI-powered virtual assistant developed on the CBOT Platform, was announced as a finalist in the esteemed CogX Awards, in the category of “Best AI Product – Telecom.
  • – CBOT was honored with the Fastest Growing Conversational AI Company in Europe Award from Global Brands Magazine, a UK-based publication providing opinions and news related to various brands across the world.
  • – Getir’s virtual assistant Getir Support, built on the CBOT Platform, received the Best Virtual Assistant/Chatbot Experience Award at the Alfa Awards, organized by Marketing Türkiye and Akademetre collaboration.
  • – CBOT has been featured as #19 in the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Turkey” 2023 list, announced by Fast Company Turkey after a research, where great brands and successful startups were covered.


Sustaining partnerships and launching large-scale projects with leading brands

We have forged powerful collaborations with leading private sector institutions, major public organizations, and a wide range of medium and small scale companies, a rapidly growing the number of institutions that trusted us. Among our key projects, we can highlight:

  • – Thanks to Türkiye Finans’ cooperation with CBOT, we strengthened our position in the banking sector. Following Fibabanka, Garanti BBVA, Halkbank, ING, QNB Finansbank, T.İş Bankası and Ziraatbank, Türkiye Finans also chose CBOT as its conversational AI partner.
  • – Our virtual assistants and live chat support systems for VakıfBank, Halkbank, İnfo Yatırım, İntegral Yatırım, Global Yatırım, PepsiCo, MediaMarkt, TOM Digital HADİ, Mudo, Evidea and Mars Investment have been launched.  
  • – We started collaborating with TÜPRAŞ, a major force in our economy, and with prominent retail brands like Teknosa, Starbucks, and Viessmann.
  • – In addition to their existing projects, our clients have expanded their usage with new initiatives in the realms of virtual assistants, voice-based AI technology, and GPT technology. We continued to deepen and sustain our collaboration with them through an increased number of projects.


Towards new horizons with our vision of innovation

2023 has been a landmark year for us, marked by the acceleration of our R&D investments focused on GPT technology and the enhancement of our CBOT Platform with new features. We solidified our global presence, achieved rapid growth through significant projects, and celebrated numerous successes.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our customers, business partners, and the dedicated CBOT team for their invaluable contributions to furthering digital transformation journeys of organizations with the latest technologies in 2023.

As we welcome 2024, we are committed to working even harder, driven by our vision of innovation and our talented team, to continue our steady growth.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and happy new year!