CBOT GPT : GPT for Enterprise Use

ChatGPT, introduced by OpenAI, has generated significant interest among enterprises and prompted companies to explore its potential for improving customer and employee interactions using conversational AI. As CBOT, we have developed a new module, CBOT GPT, which overcomes the limitations of the existing ChatGPT technology, making it more suitable for corporate use through the use of GPT technology.



We can define CBOT GPT as a ready-to-use large language model (LLM) for virtual assistants in corporate use. We can summarize the prominent features of CBOT GPT, which is significantly smaller than GPT-4, as follows:


Enriched training with GPT technology, offering a more holistic experience

CBOT GPT technology developed by CBOT engineers, enables users to access information, handle tasks such as writing texts more easily, and work more efficiently. CBOT GPT enables more efficient and effective enrichment of AI training, and this enables the experience to cover a wider scope thanks to the hybrid work of ChatGPT and traditional methods in creating answers. Thus, enterprises have a customised virtual assistant that can provide accurate responses in the areas they define themselves. For example, a bank can perform processes such as banking transactions with predefined flows, while easily answering other topics its customers need with its unique GPT running on its own systems.


Personalised experiences, flexibility, and customization

The corporate world has diverse needs that involve personal information and transactions, such as checking bank account status, tracking shipment deliveries, scheduling doctor appointments, and paying taxes, among other general inquiries. CBOT GPT can seamlessly integrate with any database, providing companies with a chance to offer tailored experiences to their customers or employees through dialog designs that fit the context. CBOT’s model is not dependent on the ChatGPT system developed by OpenAI and this makes it a more attractive option for corporate users. This independence allows for more flexibility and customization in responses, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of companies.


On-premises installation, protection of personal data and security

Using ChatGPT for corporate purposes may lead to issues related to personal data protection laws. Therefore, it is crucial to customise this technology for companies using CBOT GPT. CBOT GPT is easily deployable within the infrastructure of companies, particularly those operating in regulated sectors like banking, investment, and public services, within their own domains. Its compact size makes it a viable option for controlled use in corporate settings, avoiding potential privacy concerns associated with larger language models.


CBOT GPT: Custom language models for enterprises that is integrated with ChatGPT

CBOT was driven to develop CBOT GPT by the feedback provided by its enterprise level customers. The objective was to address the high costs and meet the legal, accuracy, and corporate criteria demanded by companies. This innovative solution effectively prevents corporate data leakage from internal systems. CBOT GPT offers a small, commercially viable model that can be implemented within the company while maintaining comparable accuracy levels to existing large language models. It provides a practical solution that addresses challenging needs, making it an ideal option for corporate entities. With CBOT GPT, organisations can quickly, accurately, and efficiently respond to customer inquiries within a customised framework, automating several tasks and processes. Thanks to CBOT’s innovation, enterprises can enhance their efficiency and effectively respond to customers’ inquiries.

Using the CBOT GPT module in line with enterprise-grade needs creates significant value for all industries, especially in the areas of customer service, employee training, human resources, marketing and sales, and automation. This solution holds great potential, particularly in improving customer experience in the field of customer service and enabling businesses to offer faster and more effective services. CBOT GPT utilises the natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities of the GPT model, allowing organisations to create a custom language model based on their own data and use it within their internal processes or customer service operations.

For companies to leverage AI technologies, such as GPT, effectively, collaboration with experienced AI vendors is essential. The development of this new module requires significant expertise in the AI domain. CBOT’s integration of ChatGPT and the CBOT GPT enterprise-grade module showcases its extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of AI, demonstrating its capability to offer a hybrid and comprehensive experience to users.

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