We’re activating Connexease customers’ WhatsApp Business Accounts in Minutes

We have a strategic partnership with the leading customer communication platform, Connexease. As a WhatsApp Business Provider (BSP), we are activating the Whatsapp Business accounts for Connexease customers in the fastest way. As two leaders in our markets, we are opening a new era for companies in terms of customer service management, driving digital transformation for businesses regardless of their scales. 

As CBOT, we offer an end-to-end holistic customer support management model with our AI-based virtual assistants, voice assistants on IVRs, a live chat module for customer representatives, and WhatsApp Business API. We consider our partnership with Connexease, which provides customer interaction management for hundreds of companies, as an opportunity to offer our model to more companies in several sectors. 

Together, we are completing the puzzle of the customer relations field for companies, with Connexease provides companies the opportunity to manage all the customer interactions coming to different channels in a single platform. 

  • – We as CBOT, accelerate WhatsApp Business API activation process for Connexease customers
  • – Besides this, we build effective customer service for them with our AI-based chatbots and virtual assistants. 
  • – In addition, thanks to the integration between CBOT Platform and Connexease, CBOT’s chatbots are integrated much more easily into social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram. The system that is built with our partnership not only offers effective customer support management but also supports sales performance as well. 

With our strategic partnership, companies will be able to reach the relevant solution for their preferred communication channel for their increasing customer interaction.