We drive the digital transformation of the companies by building a strategic partnership with Next4biz

We signed a strategic partnership agreement with the CRM & BPM technologies company, Next4biz. Based on this partnership, our AI-based virtual assistants have been integrated into the business process management (BPM), customer service management (CSM), and marketing and sales management  (CRM) products of Next4biz. 

Thanks to this partnership, our virtual assistants will be able to serve the hundreds of customers of Next4biz all around the world.  As two leading companies in our fields of expertise, we combined our strengths to holistically satisfy all the needs of companies around customer-centered digital transformation.

As CBOT and Next4biz, we will be able to enable more companies all around the world to use our products and get value from them

As CBOT, we lead the digital transformation in customer service. Our text-based virtual assistants, voice assistants via IVRs, and live chat solutions promise an end-to-end, AI-based customer service platform for the companies that aim to distinguish themselves in the market. Companies instantly respond to customer queries through our virtual assistants integrated into many different channels and platforms. 

Next4biz offers AI-based customer service management platforms that help companies to manage simultaneously all the customer messages incoming via different channels such as call center, self-service, e-mail, social media, compliant platforms, and chatbots in a single platform. Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to offer our virtual assistants to the distinguished customers of Next4biz. 

Together with our partner Next4biz, we will offer our products to the companies who really understand the paradigm shift in customer service and aim to adapt their processes and models into it.