Google launches “Google RCS” to leverage the Android SMS experience

It has been long a time that mobile phone users do not use SMS as frequently as they used to as they adapted conversational platforms like Telegram, Whatsapp. However, the yearly number of short messages sent is still 8 trillion. That is exactly why Google launches Google RCS to leverage the SMS experience in Android.

RSC, “rich communication services”, will be officially and globally launched at World Mobile Congress’19. We, as the first RCS integration partner in Turkey, wanted to have a look what is RSC and how it differentiates from the current messaging systems.

What is RCS?

RCS (Rich Communication Services), is the enhanced future of SMS in your mobile phone. Google RCS, aims to provide the current messaging experiences by enriching the SMS and MMS with new features. RCS contains many features such as independent messaging, 1to1 chat, group chat, “read” & “typing” status, content sharing, file transfer, voice message, high resolution photos & videos, location sharing.

When was it first developed?

The technology, developed in 2007, started to attract the attention of GSM operators in 2008. After the pilot launch in 2012, the implementation fields have been enlarged and now the technology has partnered with 48 operators including Turkcell in 35 countries.

How does RCS differentiates from the current messaging methods like SMS & MMS?

RCS, enables the users to group chat, share videos, voice messages and high resolution photos. Thanks to its wide range of suggestions like useful routes and voyage info, Google RCS can even enable buying travel tickets if the required agreements and supports are sustained.

In other words, RCS, is a hybrid model of SMS and MMS technologies. Obviously, providing this technology depends on the operating system provider, smart phone provider and the infrastructure of the operator. RCS, as opposed to the SMS, will use your data connection (internet connection) instead of cellular connection. Exactly same with WhatsApp, iMessage and Google Chat, the users can be connected to the desktop by QR code. The connection experience which will reach very high level of speed by 5G will also support RSC.

We, as Cbot, are honored to be the first technology company that develops solutions for Google RCS in Turkey. We already have started very important projets, which will be announced soon! Stay tuned for more information.

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