CBOT’s 2020 Journey in A Nutshell

Amazing partnerships, a powerful product, and awards…

We have left behind an unforgettable year. May 2021 bring good health and happiness.

It was a unique year where customer behavior structurally changed and digitization prevailed. In this period, we witnessed that companies have been engaged in digital transformation and prioritized their plans for chatbots and virtual assistants.

2020 was a year of rapid growth for CBOT.

We believe that a new year is a new start and we would like to start it with a summary of what we did in 2020.

End-to-end customer service with CBOT platform

We have empowered our product “CBOT Platform” with important modules and functionalities to provide a holistic conversational AI experience to our customers, to accelerate their time to market, and to help them manage the operational costs effectively with efficient customer service models.

We have integrated with commonly used payment and customer service platforms.

We have created CBOT SPEECH and enabled companies to manage their operational costs better by reducing customer wait times, enhancing the call deflection process, and routing appropriate calls to digital channels.

CBOT Platform has 4 main modules to deliver an end-to-end solution to enterprises – (1) CORE (2) FUSION (3) ANALYTICS (4) LIVE CHAT.

Partnerships with great enterprises, massively used virtual assistants 

We have built amazing partnerships and enlarged the audience that we serve tremendously. Great brands from different sectors joined us in 2020.

  • CBOT & Ministry of Education built EBA Asistan to help students, their parents, and teachers to use EBA (the remote education system in Turkey) more effectively. EBA Asistan has been a unique use case as it is Turkey’s first massively used AI-based virtual assistant.
  • – After EBA Asistan, CBOT & Ministry of Education created MEB Asistan that answers the questions asked to the ministry related to various topics.
  • – Following the first Covid-19 case in Turkey, CBOT built Koronabot to provide people accurate information about the disease based on official resources.
  • – Ziraat Bankası & CBOT partnered to build various virtual assistants for various audiences and purposes to help Bank’s customers & employees.
  • – Turk Telekom chose CBOT to build its AI-based virtual assistant.
  • – Mercedes Benz & CBOT collaborated for internal virtual assistants for the employees.
  • – Digiturk is another great brand that partnered with CBOT to build its virtual assistant supporting its customers.
  • – HDI Sigorta & CBOT created HADI that helps people with their questions about the insurance domain.
  • – Getir & CBOT agreed to collaborate for a customer support virtual assistant that helps a large target audience.
  • – CBOT & Papara have started working together on an important use case for customer support.
  • – Turkey Industrial Development Bank (TSKB) chose CBOT for its internal virtual assistant to help employees instantly.
  • – Osmanlı Yatırım, QNB Finansinvest, Garanti Emeklilik, Doğtaş & Kelebek also partnered with CBOT to build their virtual assistants.
  • – In the last quarter of 2020, we have agreed to work with BRISA, Koçtaş, Avrasya Tüneli, and ByNoGame to build various use cases for different purposes and sectors.

Reputable awards and international recognition  

We have been honored to have great awards and to be recognized at the international level after proving our leadership at the national level.

A fresh start…

In short, 2020 has been a year in which CBOT has grown, developed many technologies, modules, and tools, and received great awards both at the national and international platforms.

We want to thank our customers, business partners, and our team, who has contributed to our journey in 2020 where we led the digital transformation of great brands.

May 2021 bring good health and happiness! But, whatever the conditions will be in 2021, we will continue to work hard and build valuable partnerships.

Happy New Year!