CBOT was on the stage at Turkey Call Center Days’19

Our CMO, Çiler Ay, spoke to the call center managers from varying industries at the Turkey Call Center Days’19. They were from different industries but they have a common business problem: How to provide a better support experience to their customers and prospects while increasing efficiency? Çiler Ay delivered the relevant insights, models and solutions based on conversational AI and human+AI collaboration for this common challenge.

The 15th edition of the Turkey Call Center Days’19 and the expo was held on 5-6 November at Fairmont Quasar Hotel, İstanbul. New customer experience trends, self service channels, IoT, cyber security and conversational AI were among the topics that has been discussed during the conference.

Çiler Ay mentioned that the contemporary call centers should build strategies that involves automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, but contain a human touch and keep human at the heart of their services. The main idea of her presentation at the conference was the crucial principles that should be taken into account while building a successful virtual agent for a call center. She concluded that successful virtual agents do not replace human, but augment human to serve better the customers whose expectations are already defined by the digital native industries.

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