Cbot was at The European Digital Banking Summit

Cbot discussed the essentials of an outstanding banking virtual assistant at The European Digital Banking Summit in the UK.

The European Digital Banking Summit is a private invitation only gathering that plays host to a community of senior digital banking and fintech leaders from across the European Banking sector who come together to address some of the key challenges and opportunities within the industry. The participants engaged, debated, shared their experiences and views on the topics that matter most! Of course, the most important of these topics was AI-based chatbot and banking virtual assistants.

As a platinum partner of the event, Cbot was privileged to deliver a session about how an outstanding banking virtual assistant looks like. There was also a demo session where Cbot showcased its AI-based contexual banking virtual assistant and its advanced features that provide a humanized experience to the bank customers. The leaders of top global financial brands were impressed by its seamless experience. In 1-to-1 meetings Cbot found the opportunity to discuss further with the banks about their needs, pain points and expectations in the conversational banking business while going through the details of its banking virtual assistant.

Cbot’s AI-based chatbots and virtual assistants are now helping the customers via WhatsApp