Client Story: n11 – n11 Destek (Support)

n11 Destek Welcomes the Customer as a Pre-Live Chat Experience on the Platform

A leading marketplace, n11 launched its support assistant “n11 Destek” that achieved to handle 43% of the queries within the first 6 months

n11 Destek is positioned as facing and welcoming the customers who want to get support service before the live agent team. By the system developed by CBOT, the customers first meet the assistant, get answers to their general queries, regarding their orders, payment details, cargo inquiries in seconds, access information about the processes when they request guidance. They can write “live support” whenever they want to be directed to a live agent and continue the conversation.

To learn more about n11 Destek, please download the client story.

The story will include:

  • • Why an AI-based support chatbot?
  • • Why CBOT?
  • • What are the capabilities of n11 Destek? Through which channels does it help customers?
  • • What are the success highlights?

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