Cbot proudly announces “Fi’bot”, the AI-based virtual assistant of Fibabanka

Fibabanka is a dynamic and innovative bank in Turkey market who highly invests in digitalization to provide a better customer experience wherever and whenever its customers need. Fi’bot is part of this strategy and created to help customers with their everyday banking queries in the most direct and natural way. Fibabanka partnered with Cbot to develop Fi’bot.

The intelligent chatbot directs the customer to the relevant loan type and calculation page for the monthly payments for a specific amount. Fi’bot can calculate the interest income for a specific deposit amount and the currency conversions. The customers do not have to know which product is categorized under which section and lose time to navigate the web page, Fi’bot can direct the customer to the relevant payment type, card application and informs about the fees & commissions. It is possible to reach the branch & ATM locations and phone numbers in seconds through Fi’bot. It is not necessary to be a customer of Fibabanka, everybody can chat with Fi’bot via the banks’s web page and Facebook Messenger. It is not just banking oriented, by just chatting, it tells about the weather forecast as well. 

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