Client Story: Osmanlı Yatırım – DirektSor

CBOT & Osmanlı Yatırım Co-created a Successful Investment Chatbot 

DirektSor, built on CBOT Platform and CBOT’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, answers customer queries and directs the users to the right processes.

By DirektSor, the users can reach the information they are looking for regarding Osmanlı Yatırım Platforms, orders, stock exchange transactions, account transactions, currency information, fees & commissions instantly. Besides, the users can initiate the account opening process by just chatting with the chatbot. CBOT Platform enables Osmanlı Yatırım to provide an enhanced digital experience in the most direct, natural, and seamless way.

The story will include:

  • • Why a conversational experience?
  • • Why CBOT?
  • • What are the capabilities of DirektSor? Through which channels does it help customers?
  • • What are the success highlights?

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