5 Billion Conversations and 45 Million Dollars Tech Exports in 5 Years

We accelerated our efforts to increase technology exports with the virtual assistant projects that we created thanks to our talented engineers. Our goal is to realize 45 million dollars of technology exports for the next 5 years. While we contribute to the AI-based customer service transformation of big banks, insurance companies, e-commerce companies, ministries and holdings in Turkey, we aim to grow in the Middle East geography besides the projects we run in Europe and in Turkey.


With our product CBOT Platform, which is an end-to-end customer service automation platform, we won 18 important awards and achievements in 2021 by entering global success lists. We became one of Google’s first 20 RCS (Enriched Communication Services) partners globally. We were featured among the 16 leading virtual assistant companies in the world by Gartner. In 2021, we became the Business Solution Provider (BSP) of WhatsApp. We are moving towards tougher targets by reinforcing our market leadership in Turkey. We aim to increase the number of companies we work with 4-5 times, increase our growth momentum, and export 45 million dollars of technology from Turkey to the world, with new projects that we will launch in five years.


We are ready for this with our technological infrastructure and competent human resources

An integrated structure is built with the voice and text based AI modules in the CBOT Platform. Virtual assistants that are integrated into the written channels of the institutions and voice assistants that are integrated into the IVR systems, both facilitate the user side and reduce the operational costs of the company with automation. We continue to add new features and technological competencies to this integrated structure of CBOT. For instance, when we integrate our voice assistants into a call centre infrastructure, a customer trying to reach the call centre through any channel is welcomed by CBOT’s AI technology. Afterwards, calls are answered and ended automatically with AI, similar to the experience of talking or texting with a live human. Thus, human + AI solutions are engaged in the customer service operations of the institutions, making the service more efficient and effective.

CBOT Platform offers holistic customer service automation through;

  • CBOT CORE for AI and dialogue management system,
  • CBOT SPEECH for voice technology,
  • CBOT FUSION, which enables integrations and dialogs to be created without coding,
  • CBOT ANALYTICS, which provides detailed reporting of all dialogues and actionable insights, and
  • CBOT LIVE CHAT, which includes AI technology and enables handover to a live agent. 


A crucial factor that supports our global strategy is our multilingual capabilities 

We continue to expand our language range through collaborations with Getir, serving in 8 countries, and other business partners abroad. In 2021, we started to offer services in many European languages, and added Russian, Serbian and Albanian to these languages.  Last year, we introduced a successful virtual assistant in English and Russian to an international assistance company operating in Turkey, the Middle East and the CIS region. Another virtual assistant that we created for an electricity distribution company operating in Eastern Europe supports customer services in English, Serbian and Albanian. CBOT Platform supports Russian and Arabic as well as languages using the Latin Alphabet.



The successful business results we have achieved so far are also an important reference point for our global expansion

The successful business results of CBOT in Turkey and Europe is a significant reference point for other geographies. With CBOT virtual assistants, up to 80 percent of customer queries were resolved without transferring them to live support. We reduced problem resolution times by 7.5 times, wait times to connect to live support from 200 seconds to 15 seconds, and call handling costs by an average of 5 times. These data also show CBOT’s great potential when it implements large-scale projects at institutions in Europe or the Middle East.



Global and regional collaborations are at the centre of our overseas growth strategy

With our collaborative perspective, we have established partnerships with companies that shape technology in the world. We are WhatsApp’s leading Business Solution Provider (BSP) that offers customer service and sales via WhatsApp for more than 2 billion users, countless companies activate their account with CBOT. After activation, they manage all their messages with CBOT’s live support module. They provide service via WhatsApp 24/7 by activating ready-to-use sales and support virtual assistants integrated with their own systems such as CRM and e-commerce. This shortens long waiting times for users, and enables businesses to better manage their costs and improve customer service. In addition to global collaborations, we also support our global strategy with the regional collaborations.



CBOT’s AI technology will help institutions in 10 countries in 3 continents  

Being a leader in our field in Turkey is not our only success criterion. As CBOT, we are aware of the value of our talents. We focus on creating value globally with the competencies of Turkish engineers. Another development that reminds us that we are on the right track, apart from market shares and international projects we have realised, is that we are featured among the 16 leading virtual assistant companies in the world by Gartner. We will continue to export the technologies we produce to more countries with all the business results we achieved in previous projects and with our innovative perspective. In the next five years, we aim to expand to 10 more countries in 3 continents, to realise 45 million dollars in technology exports and run 5 billion conversations with our virtual assistants.