Getir Destek

Multilingual Assistant Getir Support Helps Customers Globally

Our cooperation with Getir, an instant delivery company and a decacorn that takes firm steps towards becoming a world brand, continues on a global scale. Getir Support, launched in March 2021, was designed as a multilingual assistant, and started to serve Getir users in the USA, UK and Europe in their native language. Thanks to Getir Support, no Getir customer was left unanswered, not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Getir, which started to serve in the Turkish market in 2015, reached a valuation of more than 7.5 billion dollars in 2021, and started to serve in 8 countries in Europe and the USA. We, as CBOT, offered an end-to-end “customer support automation solution” to Getir by integrating Getir Support into their systems in 2021. Getir’s virtual assistant ‘Getir Support’, that we built on the CBOT Platform, using our NLP infrastructure, conversational design tools and integration competencies, provides a significant value in terms of customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Getir Support enables Getir to manage its high volume of customer interaction in the most effective way. Thanks to an integration we have realised into Getir’s customer support system, Getir Support, which is defined as a representative to this system, resolves 68% of incoming calls on its own. Providing a wide range of services from checking the order status, adding/removing products, updating the address, defining discount coupons, Getir Support welcomes customers and assists them both in obtaining information and in making transactions. The issues that Getir Support solves are not limited to simple question & answer type, but it solves an end-to-end flow that includes multiple integration points and actions, offering a fully personalised experience to Getir users. It also provides added value to the lives of the representatives by solving the most common issues and by handovering the conversations to the live representatives only when necessary or explicitly requested by the customer. Representatives do not have to deal with the most repetitive issues and have time to focus on more complex ones. When a conversation is handovered to a live agent, he/she can see the conversation history in the dialogues through the same interface and can continue the conversation from where it is left off. Thus, Getir Support enables the representatives to work more efficiently.

With this model, Getir Support reduced Getir’s call resolution time and increased its customer satisfaction score. Getir customers appreciate this convenience and speed in support service level.


CBOT’s expertise in conversational AI and customer support automation enables Getir to manage customer support properly by Getir Support

The AI-based assistant, Getir Support, which provides support to users in Germany, the UK and the USA in English and German at the initial phase, will soon provide support in other European languages. Getir Support is an inspiring example of human-AI collaboration in the field of customer support, not only in Turkey but also on a global scale. Thanks to this model, where human agents and the AI-based virtual assistant Getir Destek effectively collaborate, Getir provides instant service to its customers in a very smart way. In addition, Getir Support has been integrated into Getir’s internal systems and offers a personalised experience. With CBOT’s expertise in conversational design and its tools on the CBOT Platform, the virtual assistant provides an uninterrupted and end-to-end service by maintaining complex flows along with simple questions.

Today, companies prioritise being instantly accessible for their customers through all channels, and optimising the experience in customer support as well as product and service experience. As CBOT, we designed a leveraged customer experience with our innovative technologies and pioneer position in customer support automation for Getir. Aligned with all the projects we delivered both in the Turkey market and in the global arena, we have built a powerful system on the cooperation of human and AI in this project as well. Thanks to our partnership with Getir, no customer is left unanswered at Getir Support, they get an instant answer to their question or perform their transaction easily. We believe this is crucial for a company like Getir, which is aware of the importance of time in the life of its customers and builds its value proposition on this. It is valuable for CBOT to join forces with a very highly ranked company like Getir, which strengthens our country’s global presence, and to serve in different countries in different languages. In the upcoming period, we will continue our cooperation with innovative companies that prioritise customer experience, speed and efficiency, both in our country and abroad.