Getir Support won the Best Virtual Assistant / Chatbot Experience award at the Alfa Awards 2023


Getir’s virtual assistant Getir Support, built on the CBOT Platform, received the Best Virtual Assistant/Chatbot Experience award at the Alfa Awards, organized by Marketing Türkiye and Akademetre collaboration.



Since 2014, the ALFA Awards, which identify the best brands in managing the customer experience, have recognized brands excelling in customer experience across 62 categories this year. The winners of the program, the brands that establish healthy and sustainable relationships with their customers, were announced at a ceremony held at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti on November 16. The winning brands were determined through a comprehensive and original methodology developed by Akademetre Research & Strategic Planning, in line with international standards.

Getir, an AI-based virtual assistant designed on the CBOT Platform, stands out as a successful example of customer support automation using artificial intelligence, not only in Turkey but globally. Designed, trained, and seamlessly integrated into Getir systems, Getir Destek, which offers services in multiple languages, leverages the advanced capabilities of the CBOT Platform and utilizes CBOT’s AI technology and innovative design and integration tools.

CBOT is proud to have collaborated with Getir in co-creating Getir Support, which has been honored with the Best Virtual Assistant / Chatbot Experience award in this prestigious award program.

Getir Success Story