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Everything That You Need to Know About WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business launched by WhatsApp, instant messaging application market leader, is not only to commercialize the platform but also replace SMS.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business, as the name implies, is a channel developed to provide instant communication between businesses and customers. With the application, it is aimed to reduce the time loss significantly for both customers and institutions. The good news is that business owners will be able to use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business at the same time. The application, which was originally developed to strengthen the communication of SME businesses with their customers, has become one of the main communication channels of many large companies worldwide.

Especially institutions that sell e-commerce and tickets prefer to carry out their operations through application. The sold product, ticket or reservation information, confirmation messages are transmitted to customers via application. In addition, many financial institutions transmit their information messages through this application.

Why WhatsApp Business?

Here care the features that differentiate WhatsApp Business from other applications:

  1. Can be installed without GSM number
    As you know, the individual WhatsApp application requires SMS verification during the installation. Therefore, you can install this application only on a phone or tablet with a SIM card installed. WB is different; you can install it on any phone or tablet, whether you are using 0850, 444, or an area code business phone number. All you have to do is say “Call me” during the verification phase and enter the 6-digit code transmitted.
  2. Multiple user support
    You are allowed to use both your individual and business WhatsApp account on the same device. Also, multiple users can reply using your WB account.
  3. Customer categorization
    In WB, you can categorize your customers according to their characteristics. Thus, it is very easy to send one single message to a certain group.
  4. Ability to give automatic answers
    After categorizing customers, you can create automatic replies and messages. It is also possible to send notifications and automatic messages to your customers according to your WhatsApp status.You can automate the answers of frequently asked questions. At this point, bot applications developed with artificial intelligence can be part of this operation. The most important problem that this new application solves is to answer the questions instantly. Thus, you have the chance to maximize ‘response rate’. In short, WhatsApp Business Chatbot is a 24/7 virtual assistant.
  5. Profile Customization
    In the application, you can customize your corporate profile as you wish and easily show your logo, address, map, e-mail address and website to your customers.
  6. Statistics
    In the application, you can see the message statistics in one place. Seeing the sent, transmitted, read and received message statistics one by one allows you to measure communication traffic.

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