CBOT won the Startup of the Year Bronze Prix at 17th Annual 2022 Information Technology World Awards

CBOT, has been featured as the startup of the year in the artificial intelligence category at The Globee 17th Annual 2022 Information Technology World Awards, one of the most prestigious award programs globally.

The Globee Information Technology World Awards selects the most successful companies in a wide range of IT subcatagories every year. Every tech institution, including private and public sectors can submit to his program. The submitted companies are assessed and scored by a jury that is composed of experts from different fields. In this award program, the diversity of the jury, both in terms of geography and the field of expertise is remarkable. This jury, composed of experts from private companies, public institutions and academia, assesses the submissions from all over the world.

CBOT won this award with its conversational AI and customer service automation platform, CBOT Platfrom, and its expertise in conversational design.

More than 90 virtual assistants for more than 70 enterprises have been built through, CBOT Platform.

700 million messages have been answered through CBOT Platform in 2021.

Most of the projects, built on the CBOT Platform, are the most successful use cases in Turkey and some of them are the most outstanding ones in the global market.

CBOT keeps on investing in CBOT Platform that also includes CBOT Speech, its voice-based AI technology, with several R&D projects.

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