CBOT won the “Fastest Growing Conversational AI Company” Award

CBOT was honored with the Fastest Growing Conversational AI Company in Europe Award from Global Brands Magazine,  a UK-based publication providing opinions and news related to various brands across the world.


CBOT received the “Fastest Growing Conversational AI Company” Award in recognition of its rapid expansion and impact in the conversational AI sector in Europe, demonstrating exceptional innovation, robust technology, and significant contributions to enhancing customer and employee interactions through intelligent conversational systems. CBOT Platform, utilizing natural language processing and machine learning through GPT architecture, has effectively empowered enterprises to establish dynamic, multi-lingual dialogues across written and vocal communication channels with customers and employees. More than 100 virtual assistant projects were created on CBOT Platform, CBOT’s end-to-end, conversational AI platform.


Global Brands Magazine (GBM) is widely recognized as a leading publication in the field of brands. Each year, the publication conducts a series of awards to acknowledge companies that have excelled as industry leaders, demonstrating exceptional service and a unique vision. This year marks the 11th edition of the awards.


The Technology Awards, conducted by Global Brands Magazine, aim to celebrate excellence in performance across various industries. A dedicated external research team was responsible for evaluating the nominees.

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