CBOT was @ Young Owners Forum with leading young leaders of the business


CBOT participated at Young Owners Forum, which was held under the auspices of the Young Owners Club, bringing together the young generation leaders of Turkey’s leading family companies.


The Forum organized by Fast Company Turkey brings together Turkey’s young leaders to discuss important issues about the future. Topics laid out for discussion at the Young Owners Forum include ‘transformation in family businesses, the agenda of venture capital firms emerging from families, large groups’ approach to startup investment, the Metaverse, NFTs and emerging technologies, the difference the younger generation is making in the business world, financial technologies, next-generation entrepreneurs, art, music, purpose-driven leaders.

Sponsored by İşbank this year,  the Forum was organized in Bodrum on September 1-2. Our CMO Çiler Ay shared the inspiring journey of CBOT from its inception to becoming an industry leader. She discussed with participants topics such as how the idea of CBOT came about, why investment was made in this field, where CBOT stands today, and what vision it has for the future.

CBOT experienced the joy of benefiting from high-quality content and engaging with distinguished participants at this event.

Young Owners Forum 2023