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The Partnerships of Banks & Fintechs were on the stage at the Efma Bank + Fintech Conference

Cbot spoke at the Efma Bank+Fintech Conference about its partnership with ING Bank Turkey in Barcelona. The event was a platform where banks and fintechs talked about their partnership stories, industry giants shared insights about how they run their open innovation strategies and thought leaders out of the industry delivered mind blowing speeches.

The conference gave the opportunity to both banks and fintechs to discover which banks are doing what with which fintech and how banks are taking the lead. The participant banks, from all over the globe, were inspired by the best practices. From Estonian Former Prime Minister, Taavi Rõivas to ING Bank Chief Innovation Officer & CEO ING Ventures, Benoit Legrand – from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Director, Innovation & Venturing, Rogier van Beugen, to Capgemini VP FinTech and Chief New Technologies Officer, Elias Ghanem, – the profiles of the speakers and the topics were so diverse that attendees could see the current situation from different perspectives. It was very inspiring to listen such different stories and experiences.

Cbot & ING Bank showcased together “INGo”, the AI-based chatbot of the bank developed through the NLP technology of Cbot. Eylem Ozen Basturk, Strategy & Business Development Director of Cbot, discussed the main crucial points that should be focused on, in order to create outstanding conversational banking experiences. The showcase session attracted the attraction of the attendees with INGo’s NLP (natural language processing) capabilities, enhanced customer experience and the large coverage. Besides the showcase, Cbot participated at the opening panel of the conference. At he panel, moderated by Joep Paemen, Partner of Flowdesignworks.com, the dynamics of successful bank+fintech partnerships, challenges, upcoming opportunities and experiences were discussed. Eylem Ozen Basturk, shared her ideas and experiences together with Carlo Giugovaz from Supernovae Labs, Tashi Gauffin from Tink, Janina Lieser from Kony.

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