CBOT is, Once More, Among the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

CBOT has been featured as #34 in the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Turkey” 2022 list, announced by Fast Company Turkey after a research, where great brands and successful startups were covered.


Since our establishment, we’ve prioritized R&D and innovation as an important part of our overall strategy by monitoring the global developments and trends in order to empower our product CBOT Platform, which is built on an advanced technology and covers customer experience building toold and modules. We always partner with the universities in the field of AI that will deeply transform the way we do business in the near future, in any sector. We support our customers reach their business goals in the fastest and the most efficient way.

CBOT Platform is empowered by our AI-based voice module CBOT SPEECH and positioned as a customer service automation platform. CBOT Platform answered 700 million messages in 2021. We are featured by Gartner in the global conversational AI market reports together with global tech giants. We have an ongoing partnership with Meta and Google.

We thank to our customers who contributed to our success, each and every member of CBOT family and the distinguished jury members of Fast Company Turkey.