CBOT has been featured as #19 in the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Turkey” List

CBOT has been featured as #19 in the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in Turkey” 2023 list, announced by Fast Company Turkey after a research, where great brands and successful startups were covered.


Since our inception, R&D, along with innovation, have been central to our strategy. We continuously track global advancements and trends to enhance our product, the CBOT Platform. Built on cutting-edge technology, this platform encompasses tools and modules essential for crafting exceptional customer and employee experiences. Recognizing the profound impact of AI on business practices across all sectors, we actively collaborate with leading universities in the AI field. Our commitment is to enable our customers to achieve their business objectives swiftly and efficiently, leveraging the best of AI and technological innovation.


CBOT Platform offers institutions the ability to interact with customers and employees in multiple languages, both in written and spoken forms, through technology incorporating natural language processing, machine learning, and GPT infrastructure. CBOT has enhanced its existing infrastructure with cloud GPT system integration capabilities and has also launched CBOT GPT, a specialized product designed for enterprise needs. Additionally, CBOT has been recognized in various Gartner reports in 2020, 2022, and 2023 alongside global brands.


We thank to our customers who contributed to our success, each and every member of CBOT family and the distinguished jury members of Fast Company Turkey.