CBOT FUSION: A new phase in chatbot technology

As CBOT, we provide all the components needed to develop an enhanced chatbot experience much faster and at a lower cost. In addition to our natural language processing (NLP) technology, in February 2020, we have launched a new product, CBOT FUSION, which enables complex and long dialogues that require corporate in-house  integrations to be developed in a few days without any code requirement. 

Why CBOT Fusion?

The field of “conversational AI (conversational AI)”, which we see around since 2016, is evolving through various stages like all the other new technologies. When this concept was first matched with real commercial use cases, NLP (natural language processing) technology was considered as a key point for the experience offered. In the first use cases, we saw a structure that can be defined as a single question-answer type of experience. However, as the number of NLP technologies that provide the classification of intents increased, this competency has lost its differentiating character and expectations from technology have started to rise more rapidly. Now, users expect chatbots to provide an experience beyond answering a single question, and enable them to perform transactions that they can do on other channels, within a flow pattern. Chatbots, which can offer such experiences and have this kind of sophistication, are able to perform much more complex tasks and create more value for the companies and the users.

Thanks to the experience and expertise that we gained from our previous chatbot project we offered to many large enterprises, we had already been developing chatbots that can offer experiences far beyond question-answer type of interaction. However, until recently, developing long flows, enabling the integrations with the internal systems of institutions was a difficult task that required coding and tremendous amount of effort. Therefore many companies had to invest time and IT cost for these flows, that has been a major challenge in chatbot development. Having this point of view, besides our NLP technology, we started to work to provide other tools necessary to design a leveraged chatbot and to make it more affordable and require short time-to-market for the companies.

Thanks to CBOT FUSION, that we launched in February 2020 as a result of these efforts, designing long and complex dialogue flows with corporate integrations has become a task that does not require any coding and can go live in a shorter time period. 

As Turkey’s leading conversational AI company, through CBOT FUSION, we have created a structure by which institutions can develop a holistic chatbot that carries the whole experience from the initial customer query to the realization of the specific request. This new product, that is available within our conversational AI platform through a very simple interface, will take the conversational experience that the companies offer to their customers and employees to a new dimension, accelerate their time-to-market and reduce IT costs. 

What will CBOT FUSION improve?

For the first time, it is easy to provide complex process flows for an organization without directing the user to other interfaces. There are two revolutionary contributions of CBOT FUSION: The first is that long and complex dialogue flows can be developed in a short period of time without requiring any coding. The second is the improvement in the user experience. In this sense, CBOT FUSION is first of its kind – not only in Turkey, but when we examine products in the global marker as well – it is obvious that this product will have a unique position. 

1- Fast, Easy, No Code

In chatbot projects, the bot training phase is very important in order to understand the user intents accurately. On the other hand, the real differentiator in terms of the experience is about what actions the bot takes after understanding the user accurately. CBOT FUSION enables the transactions to be completed within the bot experience from the initial request to the final action. Thanks to this product, dialogue flows can be developed in a few days, which had been previously possible in almost months by the traditional methods. 

With CBOT FUSION, we offer a tool to our customers, available via our conversational AI platforms that enables them to reach a result that can be achieved with a days long coding effort, just by a few clicks. Transactions requiring integration at many points with corporate systems can be easily designed. For example, a bank that wants to meet the demand of the customer who wants to pay the credit card in a chatbot dialogue needs to make information checks in many different points and operate all alternative scenarios based on this information. Designing and sustaining this process by coding requires serious effort. We are able to realize these integrations, which can take 20 days with coding, in 2 days with CBOT FUSION.

2 – Experience is within the bot

Another important development that comes with CBOT FUSION is the completion of the whole experience within the chatbot, and thus the use is becoming widespread. Understanding the customer’s natural daily statements was a very revolutionary technology in the first stage of the chatbots. In the last few years, technology has improved a lot and now it is revolutionary to solve the problem of the user by keeping the experience in the same interface. For example, while paying a credit card debt, if the chatbot guides you by directing you a related link, the experience does not end in the conversational interface as it is directed to another interface. However, what makes this experience different and revolutionary is that all the need can be solved very simply and quickly in the conversational interface. This was of course possible, as we were doing such work as CBOT, but it could not become widespread enough as it required more time and more cost.

The fact that chatbots can be used not only for single-step, simple operations, but also for more complex and multi-step transactions, will enable them to be more involved in people’s daily lives. It is a fact that adopting and spreading a technology is about how much you can get into people’s lives and how much you simply them. The feature that we have revealed with CBOT FUSION is also critical for the future of the chatbot world.

Who will use this product?

CBOT FUSION will be a product that targets all institutions who want to offer more leveraged  chatbot experiences, beyond single question and answer dialogues. These transactions can range from a banking transaction to a home device maintenance service. Today, all the transactions that a consumer can perform through the website or by talking to the the call center agent can be transferred to the chatbot experience with CBOT FUSION. For this reason, all companies that want to provide an advanced digital experience to their customers or employees, while realizing this very easily and quickly in the most efficient way, can use CBOT FUSION.


We started this journey by aiming to provide all the components necessary to develop the best chatbot experience. In addition to our advanced natural language processing technology, CBOT FUSION, which we have recently focused and released, makes it very easy for the companies to design an end-to-end chatbot dialogues. The infrastructure, which enables the preparation of all responses in complex flows and the establishment of internal integrations, enables the flow to be developed without writing any code.

CBOT FUSION, is an innovative product and a first in Turkey in terms of both the end-user experience, and the companies that aim to provide this experience. We continue the process of developing innovative products that we have started 5 years ago by investing in natural language processing and machine learning R&D.